Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weekend Quote #4

“I never make exceptions. An exception disproves the rule.” - Sherlock Holmes, Sign of Four

I'm back again with the quote of the week. It's from Sherlock Holmes, my classic literature first crush. The genius detective always has strong opinions about things, and he says it frankly, sometimes – or rather, most of the times – without even thinking about other's feelings.

Sherlock Holmes played by
Jeremy Brett
The above statement, I think, is reasonable when it comes to logical matters. In Sherlock's world of 'right or wrong' he doesn't have place for anything between. He wants the solid truth, based on evidence. No wonder, he doesn't believe in exceptions.

In the context, Watson was talking to him about Mary Morstan as being an attractive woman and Holmes as a machine not to realise it. Holmes calmly replied that for him a client was “a mere unit”, or factor, in a case. He then related his experience with people, that one should never judge people from the impression they give you. How true!

Watson, however, suggested that “in this case” Sherlock must make exception. He replied with the words above. He doesn't make exceptions. “Hello effect” could be deadly for a detective. Sherlock himself tasted the consequence when dealing with Irene Adler. Listening her voice and looking at her calm, gentle gesture planted the wrong impression on Sherlock's head – that she was just an ordinary woman.

That's all from me. Let's hope I can find the time to write a quote again next week, since I have to go out of town. But I'll do my best.

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  1. Always a pleasure to meet a Sherlockian!

    Jeremy Brett was a very masterly Holmes.

    Have you read the book "Bending the Willow: Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes" by David Stuart Davies.

    This book is a recommended read for fans of Jeremy Brett.