Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Character Thursday: Cardinal Richelieu

Alright. This is perhaps my first time choosing an antagonist for my Character Thursday. I write this based on two novels of D'Artagnan Romances: The Three Musketeers and Twenty Years After. I choose this character because he appears only in the first, and all people remember him on the second. The other characters, on the contrary, still develop, so I must wait until I finish them all before I can judge Aramis, D'Artagnan, or Raoul. And perhaps I will write more about the dear count, Athos.

Cardinal Richelieu is introduced as an ambitious, lusty person in the first novel. There is a rivalry between him and the king as to who has the best guard. Out musketeers prove that the king wins, in that respect only. The Cardinal rules France. He is even more powerful than the king himself.

The novel hints that he loves the queen, Anne of Austria, who doesn't share the same feeling towards him. Besides the Queen, Richelieu also has two other women mentioned in the novel as his lovers. As Aramis, he's not really faithful to his call as a 'man of God'.

Portrait of the Cardinal by
Philippe de Champaigne (1640)
As a politician, however, he excels. The Musketeers don't like him at all, and refuse to serve under him, but even Aramis admits (sincerely or not) that he is “the most illustrious politician of times past, of times present, and probably of times to come” that would “extinguish the sun if the sun incommoded him.” But France seems to be peaceful during his reign, at least compared to what it becomes under Mazarin, as stated in Twenty Years After.

Being an enemy of the Four Inseparables doesn't make him act unjustly to them. He applauds the courageous action of Athos and his companions in Bastion St. Gervais, and rewards them for their deeds. Later, when he meets the four having a council together, Athos pays a sharp sarcastic statement to him. But instead of killing him, he just goes away, murmuring that he would be happy to have the four. Who wouldn't? Lastly, when D'Artagnan comes to him with Milady's carte blanche, he tears the paper, but he doesn't seem angry towards the young soldier, but instead he promotes him to be a lieutenant. So to a certain degree, he's still a gentleman.

The sequel, Twenty Years After, makes it clear that our friends respect Richelieu, despite their private experiences with him.They even praise him as a great Cardinal. From the second novel, I learn not to judge people too rashly, too hastily. That's my character for this week, what about yours?

PS: This character analysis is solely based on the novel, and not from the real person. I have done no research about Armand Jean du Plessis, and therefore cannot say anything in or out favour of him.


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  1. Belum baca lanjutannya jadi masih tetep menganggap Cardinal ini tokoh yang gak menyenangkan. Mungkin dia bersikap gentleman untuk tetap menjaga image dan kedudukannya. Bukan sesuatu yangmemang dilakukan dari hatinya :p

    1. Hahaha. Nanti setelah baca Twenty Years After mungkin lebih jelas. Ayo, baca, baca. *mulai fangirling*

  2. Oh yes, I think Richelieu has a gentleman qualities in him that received respects even from his enemies. Compared to Mazarin, well...Richelieu almost seemed like a protagonist :D

    It's a great idea, Listra, to feature an antagonist for your Character hursday!

    1. Thank you.

      Yes, I think both as politician and a man I prefer Richelieu to Mazarin. Richelieu is more certain of himself and have this menacing aura around him, while Mazarin is just a greedy minister. No wonder Athos reproaches him harshly.