Wednesday, 5 June 2013

LRP June Meme: What Makes It So Wilde?

This month we're going to read this guy - Oscar Wilde. He has excellent reputation as a funny but sarcastic person, and a great writer too. No doubt such qualities don't escape our observation. So for this month's meme, we will dissect Wilde's play and try to find interesting characteristic of his hand. What makes it so Wilde?

As usual, a few questions to help. Please remember that you are not expected to answer these questions, these are just guidelines anyway. You are free to write anything you find relevant.

  • How is Wilde different from other playwright you've known?
  • What makes Wilde so important or interesting?
  • If you have read his novels/short stories, how are they compared to the plays?
Well, I'll be waiting for your posts, and meanwhile, enjoy the Wilde play for yourself~

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