Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Classic's Club Spin #3: Let's Do It

It is very possible that I won't be able to touch my beloved laptop again until Monday. This month I've been strangely busy even though I have finished everything related to school. I guess I'm not a school person.

It doesn't mean that I will miss this third Classic Club Spin. It's way too interesting. So I take this short time to list my chosen books. Here we go:

  1. Pushkin - Eugine Onegin
  2. Carroll - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  3. Spencer - Faerie Queen
  4. Queen – The Chinese Orange Mystery
  5. Conrad - Secret Agent
  6. Dickens - Tale of Two Cities
  7. Sabatini - Scaramouche
  8. Shakespeare – Lucrece
  9. Verne - 20000 Under the Sea
  10. Dickens - Christmas Carol
  11. Dumas Jr. - Camille
  12. Shakespeare - Sonnets
  13. Voltaire - Candide
  14. Doyle - The White Company
  15. Wilde - An Ideal Husband
  16. LeBlanc - The Crystal Stopper
  17. Shakespeare - Much Ado About Nothing
  18. Verne - From the Earth to the Moon
  19. Lee, Harper - To Kill a Mockingbird
  20. Queen - Adventures of Ellery Queen
Great! I guess now I can leave my laptop in peace and cross my fingers. May the best book be chosen. 


  1. For you, I sincerely wish no. 19 will be chosen, because I believe it's the best of the list!

    1. I will read it this month, chosen or not, for my other club's read-along. It's indeed a good book.

  2. Such interesting choices! Much Ado About Nothing is one of my fave Shakespeare plays. It's funny and intelligent - the best combination.

    1. Yes, and good news is, I'm going to read it this month no matter what anyway (so it's good luck if I have it in the spin, reducing my stack this month, haha). It's indeed funny and witty. Thanks..

  3. Pushkin is great! And you are very brave (or foolhardy) to put the Faerie Queene in the mix. Ack.

    1. Oh, I don't know if I can finish Faerie Queen if it turns up. I've been struggling through the second book of it. Four more to go. In that condition, it's hardly cheating to put it on the list.

  4. Aw I love Much Ado. Have you seen the movie with Emma Thompson? It's really good too :) Good luck!

    1. Yes indeed! I watched it on Youtube some months ago. Have you seen David Tennant's version. He's extraordinary.