Sunday, 28 October 2012

Les Miserables, Vol. III: The Known, the Unknown

Third volume of Les Miserables, two more to go. But that's not the point. I know. I'd like to share what I have experienced by reading Marius' story, because the third volume is mostly about him.

As usual, the volume starts with loads and loads of description. We see Marius at first as an ungrateful child. Knowing nothing about his father but mere gossips and misleading information from the grandpa, he concludes that his father is merely nothing. But things changes. After his father dies, Marius falls in love with his father and his ideology, no matter how old and outdated it may seem. His grandpa banishes him from him, but not without concern. But the proud little being waves the money his grandfather offers him and falls into misery.

Aside from Marius, we meet other new actors on the stage as well – Enjolras and his friends. Those youths are intelligent and idealistic, but not in line with Marius'. I like the description of these people, how they truly live to what they believe in – at least from Enjolras, and how they unite together with their similarities and differences. But that's all from them this far. More will be told of Enjolras and his friend in later volume.

Well, now we meet our old friends. By the grace or curse of chance, Marius falls in love with a young lady who usually walks with her father. Marius is madly in love with her, to the point of self-destruction. This lady is Cosette. And the father? Why, Jean of course.

As if fate had not been cruel enough, we meet other people as well – the corrupt Thernadier. He now lives a miserable life with his wife and daughters. But his misery doesn't make him humble as it does Jean, or make him wise as it does Marius. It makes him grow even more sinister. Why, he tries to rob Jean and almost kills him. I was really furious when I read that chapter.

There is also Javert. He's still there, lingering, still a good hand of the law. But not much is told about him, so I think it is not yet the time.

Reading this volume, I just pray for a happy ending. Is it possible? Is there any way to make them all happy? Jean, Cosette, Marius and Javert especially. Is there any chance for them to be happy at the end of the story?

The story is getting closer to its end. The gaps are filled. We are waiting for something to explode, a climax. I can't wait to read how things will end in Volume IV and V.  


  1. The slowest volume to date, isn't it? Until the last part that is when it all kinda fell apart.

    Are you liking Marius (character) though?

    1. I think he has good personality combined with normal emotional vulnerability usually found in teenagers. I mean, he makes good and bad decisions, too quick and too tardy decisions, and he has foolish pride and stubbornness. His love to Cosette is also very destructive.

      He is surely not a man I would fall in love with, and I honestly don't really like immature men, but I really like how he makes the best of his condition, instead of complaining all the time, or falling to bad habits like drinking or gambling. So he is just tolerable.