Friday, 12 April 2013

Weekend Quote #40

“How well he's read, to reason against reading!”

Hitting two birds with one stone, I post this quote for the weekend. I take it from Shakespeare's comedy Love's Labor's Lost, which I'm trying to read for the #LRP event.

The context is very funny. Berowne, one of the king's friends, imparts his objection against studying with the king for three years with all its restrictions (including no meeting with any woman). He states so many reasons and excuses against it that the king at last says the line above.

Very much like poets, Shakespeare being one of them, to play with the same word within a line. It's like saying, “He knows everything against studying” or something like that. Berowne, I think, will be my favourite character in the play. He's so smart and fast with his tongue, and he's funny.

That's my quote for the weekend. Please share yours. 

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