Thursday, 2 May 2013

Let’s Read Plays: Check-In #2

Check-in! Yay! This is one of the most interesting reading events I'm participating in this year, although I must confess that I have been more than busy lately, with a lot of things distracting my mind (among which Shakespeare, my thesis, and my own capricious self are the main reasons). So, while idly (which I should not be) waiting in the library, being sad and romantic after watching Giselle on YouTube, I decide to write the check-in. (I know, I haven't written a check-in for my own event, but whatever.)

How have your Let’s Read Plays been during these six months, still exciting, or a bit boring? Did you read all the monthly themes, or did you miss several ones?

AMAZING! I have always loved Shakespeare, so it becomes more like an entertainment than a burden to me. I LOVE reading those plays. I read all the monthly themes, luckily in time. I even managed to read 2 tragedies in the first month of the challenge. And it's still as exciting as ever. I expect to read more in months to come.

What has been your favorite, or your failure (if any)?

JC is a re-read, and Richard III is too dark. I'd say Antony and Cleopatra is my favourite tragedy this far, and LLL wins the comedy category.

Which play are you expecting the most in the next six months?

Othello. I must read it one day anyway, so why not now? I am also curious about Wilde, since I've never touched any of his plays yet. I still don't know about the "free months." Maybe Sheridan's School for Scandal or Shaw's Pygmalion, or both.

Have you been participated in Let’s Read Plays memes? Are you excited to participate more in the future?

Yeah! I must admit that the history stuff quite drained my brain, but the rest were quite enjoyable. I didn't participate in the costume theme (shame on me), but I try my best not to miss anything anymore. As for the Character Thursday, of course I enjoy it. What's more amazing than fangilring or ranting about a character you love or hate? But it's hard for me to do it each month. I am not good at describing people, I guess.

So, there. Hope you enjoy the event as much as I do. :D


  1. Seems that you are the most enthusiastic LRP's participant so far, more than the hosts, even! :) So, it's our pleasure I think, to have you on board. You share so many excitement especially about Shakespeare. I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts about Oscar Wilde, which one will you start with? Importance of Being Earnest?

    1. I think that and An Ideal Husband. But it's next month, right? Cheers for you too.. :D