Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Great Gatsby: “Frailty, Thy Name is Woman”, No, Man Too

I didn't expect the story to be like this. I expected it to be nicely boring just like This Side of Paradise, just a story of everyday life with occasional thrill in it. I expected it to be neither sad nor happy, neither exciting nor tedious, and the book is anything else but that.

The Great Gatsby is a story of a great rich person named Gatsby – quite obvious there. He loved to make parties for other people, and those people flocked to his house, invited or uninvited, had fun, and left. He seemed to be popular without having a friend, rich without having happiness, and busy without having a purpose. So much reason to pity him.

On the other side of the story there were the Bucchanans – man and wife. The man had a mistress, and the wife secretly loved Gatsby. They, Gatsby and Daisy (the wife's name), had a past, but that's just all. The woman married another, and Gatsby still loved her all the same. But, hey, she was already married.

Another part of the story now. Nick, Gatsby neighbour, liked Daisy's friend, Jordan. For some time, she liked him too. But Nick was far wiser than that to let his heart carried away by such a capricious woman. 

I think the strength of this novel is in the characters. They are so human (and I hate that). No hero, no good man, no innocent lady. They're just people. I read the pages and muttered, "Human being!" in disappointment. That's how it is. 

I cannot write how the story ends. I just can't. To be honest, my eyes are still wet because I cried reading it. (I finished reading it less than five minutes ago.) What I want to say is 'I should have known'. Truly, because I heard that Leonardo diCaprio will play in the upcoming film, I should have known it'd be tragic.

And instead I thought it would be boring. How stupid is that?


  1. Some people said Tender is the Night is more beautiful than Great Gatsby, I'd definitely go for it, next year perhaps, I just started to love Fitzi's writing.

    I like your description of Gatsby: "He seemed to be popular without having a friend, rich without having happiness, and busy without having a purpose." It explains everything about him, but I think there's still 1 thing I prefer in Gatsby, which I don't feel with the others (and in this case I agree with Nick): that he's the only one who still had the conscience (regarding the ending). People can make mistakes, but at least Gatsby had done one good deed to repair it.

    Now I can't wait for Leonardo!! ^__^

  2. This was a very powerful book, I agree. It wasn't at all what I expected either.