Monday, 6 January 2014

Need a Classic? Try Look It Up in This Site

A week ago or so, I got an email from Forgotten Books, introducing their site, which mainly contains, as the name suggests, old books that people rarely have and rarely think about.

I ran to the site and whew..

Firstly, from an IT girl's point of view. This site is neat and clean and it's user friendly. You can see from the picture below how it looks like. The side bar breaks the titles into categories, and the Search feature stands out so nobody would miss it. Below that there's the Intelligent Bookshelf Recommendations, a.k.a suggestions based on your reading preferences.

Another thing with the site, they also have what they call "Word Data" and "Image Search", which are interesting. This is what they gave me when I searched "Shakespeare" on Word Data.

And when I wanted pictures.


Although many of the books provided by this site are free, some of them are not. Yet the site uses a "credit system" where user can pay a sum of credit beforehand and afterwards the user can use his credit to "buy" the book. That's being said, like Google Books, this site allows visitors to read most parts of the book online, with exception of some pages.

I am not good at explaining things. So please just check the website and its introduction here. Happy reading.


  1. Cool review! I checked and the website and it is awesome. So many weird and 'forgotten' books.

  2. Thanks for sharing. This does look awesome!