Monday, 16 July 2012

Suddenly remember my Shakespeare experience

Just like I said in the title, this is just a short Shakespeare experience with me and my dad. No, it's not about reading or watching the play, but a bit more personal. No, not meeting the person as well, of course.

It was years ago, not long after I read my first Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. I was in love back then, with a certain person older than me. What I did was practically "sighing every minute and groaning every hour" because of thinking about him.

My father apparently observed this, so he asked me in my mother language (but thanks God he understands English and speaks it well too), "What's the matter?" I answered casually, "Nothing." He didn't give up. "Are you in love?"

Alright, so this is really crazy. Romeo's line popped into my head, and I answered, "Out." My father was confused and raised his eyebrow, so I explained, "Out of his favour where I'm in love."

My father, being unfamiliar with Shakespeare, didn't know where was the line from, but he understood, so he made that face of somebody who listens to something very cute but tries to control himself and not to laugh. And he just said, "Ewwh." I couldn't help laughing.

That's all. I always remember this because it was the first time I used Shakespeare line to communicate with others in real life.