Monday, 30 July 2012

Victorian Celebration: Wrap Up

I am really sorry. What I did this past two months is so little it can hardle be called a wrap up. The work out of town, and the school stuff, and other silly activities, added to my procrastinating spirit and easily distracted mind made it difficult to read anything Victorian.

I will make a very honest confession. These are the Victorian things I managed to read:
I read short stories for the Shorty July too, and find it very fun and lighter to read them. I don't feel much obligated to read them because they actually for one-time reading, instead of weeks of marathon.

I still have much on my list for Classic Club's Project, so I guess there is a huge homework waiting for me. But I will try to do the readalongs with people from the Classic Club seriously in the future, as much as my schedule permits it.  

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  1. Keep on the spirit, Listra! It's good too to read short stories, then you can still enjoying Victorian classics.