Saturday, 15 September 2012

Classics Club Group Check-In #1: September

It has been several months since the project started. I've been enjoying the Club and things in it immensely. The readalongs, the memes, the people, the reviews, and many other things. As a new blogger, reading and enjoying others' review and joining readalongs has been such a great experience.

I've read 9 books from my list this far. For the last few months, Dumas has been dominating my choices, that among 9, 3 of them are actually Dumas'. Those are The Count of Monte Cristo, my favourite, The Three Musketeers, which title is actually misleading because it doesn't count D'Artagnan as one of them, and Twenty Years After, its sequel. Even now I still find it hard to move from those novels to others I've never touched.

The other six are John Milton's Areopagitica, Stevenson's Treasure Island, Solzhenitsyn's Ivan Denisovich (I know I must make a review, but later, please), Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe, Pyle's compiled ballads of Robin Hood, and Leroux's Phantom of theOpera.

As for the other books, I'm reading the book of Nehemiah in the Bible now, in order to complete it soon. The last book I read from Aeneid was Book IV, but I think I'd rather read it in a readalong. Reading alone makes it harder to understand what it says. Starting this month, I will be reading Les Miserables through October and November. And for Historical Fiction Challenge byHobbyBuku, I will read Vicomte the Bragelonne from Dumas as well (for the sake of Athos). For the same event perhaps I will add Sabatini's Captain Blood to the list.

I've been enjoying also the Weekend Quotes. By doing that I remind myself what lesson I can learn from the books that I read. I also love participating in Fanda's Character Thursdays. My choice of characters may not vary a lot, but I still love to look deeper into the characters, protagonists as well as antagonists. I also love to exploring the use of coat-of-arms in literatures. Though I'm no expert in the matter, I like to learn the blazoning of each to understand better those mentioned in the novels I read. 

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  1. You have read great books so far! Thanks for joining me in Character Thursdays... And I begin to enjoy Weekend Quote although I can't promise to always find a good quote to share every weekend. But those memes help me to explore the richness of classics. Now i can't wait to read Beloved with you! :)