Saturday, 22 September 2012

Music for the Book

This prompt is hosted at November'sAutumn. This month we share the music we feel fit for a book that we read this month. This month I've been reading Robin Hood and Ivanhoe, but I didn't think of any music when I read them. (I have a habit of connecting things in my mind, so when a piece of music or a scene of history links to the subject that I read, I usually remember something.)

Then I read Les Miserables. I haven't finished it, naturally, but there's a piece of music that it brings to my mind. I love opera. When I read about the misery and suffering of the people in Les Miserables, I remember this aria from Giordano's opera, Andrea Chenier. I put a link of a video in Youtube of the aria, complete with subtitle, for those who don't understand Italian. Placido Domingo (my favourite singer) sings this piece.


  1. Oh, you're a Domingo fan, too?! This video is one of my favorites! I haven't yet read Les Miserables, though.

  2. Absolutely! I even wake up at the middle of the night just to listen to the radio for Domingo's operas broadcast.