Saturday, 29 December 2012

Book Kaleidoscope 2012: Day 3, Top Five Most Favourite Book

I skip the second day, since I read mostly ebook, and I didn't really choose the covers well, so just forget that. Now the third day theme is more interesting for me, since there are books that I really love from my reading this year. I will pick only 5 of them, and I hope this will be easier than picking up 5 boyfriends out of countless amazing men in the books I read.

Let's start!

5. Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

Ramin Karimloo as Phantom
I actually read it! It's a wonderful story about a genius whose physical qualities are not as good as the quality of his brain. It's touching and a bit scary, but overall, I'm in love with the air that dominates the novel: the air of music and the air of darkness.

4. Odyssey by Homer

Odysseus and Penelope by Primaticcio
Again, it's amazing. Actually I was a bit scared by Homer and other Greek authors since they are so old. But thanks to the brilliant translation and also to my lecturer and my friends from mythology class, I can enjoy the book. Odyssey is actually quite an adventure. Besides, I love the lady Penelope, who shows both loyalty and intelligence, thus proving herself worthy of being the wife of Odysseus.

3. Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare

Pompeo Batoni's painting depicting Antony's death
Anything featuring Antony must be in the list. I don't put Julius Caesar because this year I was merely re-reading the play, but Antony and Cleopatra is something very new to me. I was surprised to read how stupid people can be when they are in love. Yet Antony is still charming with his qualities as military general, and also as a loyal friend. Cleopatra's character is a little bit shocking, though.

2. The Three Musketeers and Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas

The Four Musketeers in 2011 Film
The four musketeers are amazing. They are utterly amazing. These books must be in the list of 'best adventure books ever' or something like that. When you read the book, you forget all the problems in the world and you just read. You imagine doing and seeing things and being part of the book yourself. I experienced express-reading when reading these two novels.

1. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Les Miserables 2000 mini-series
You know it must be here. It must get the first place. Les Miserables is a masterpiece. I've been talking about Les Mis everywhere since the day I started reading it. The book invites all kind of emotion from the readers. It demands the reader to feel agony, pain, disappointment, love, loneliness, treachery, anger, enthusiasm, and hope. Reading once is not enough. I will read it again one day.

So, these are the books I love the most from this year's reading. Can't wait to read yours.  


  1. great choices, walaupun baru baca satu dari lima itu, tapi wajib baca semuanya...entah kapan...hehe

    1. Yang udah baca yang mana? Ayo semangat! Pokoknya yang di atas itu keren semua deh. :D

  2. Interesting post! I've got to re-read Phantom soon.

    1. Nice idea! I think I need to re-read Les Mis first. That book makes me crazy. :D

  3. Replies
    1. Harus bacaaaa~~ Yang unabridged ya kalo bisa. :P

  4. Baru kali ini nemu top 5 books yang aku bisa bilang: kelima-limanya udah baca! Yayyy... Meski yg Odyssey aku baca terjemahannya yang udah dibuat prosa :)

    1. Buat Odyssey aku pake terjemahan yang direkomendasiin dosen mitologi. jadi gampang tapi akurat (sort-of).

  5. Have you read All For Love by John Dryden? same topic as Antony and Cleopatra. I actually preferred it to Shakespeare's version.
    you will find my list in this post:

    1. No, not yet. I have never read Dryden. Perhaps I will try to read it one day (after I finish my challenges this year :p)