Friday, 7 December 2012

Weekend Quote #22

“That is a dream also; only he has remained asleep, while you have awakened; and who knows which of you is the most fortunate?"

This time I go back to Monte Cristo, one of my all time favourites. The quote above is what he says regarding death.

Monte Cristo is watching an execution with Franz and Albert. Both of his guests are young and inexperienced, while Monte Cristo (according to himself) has seen death execution several times. Franz finally faints, and Albert closes his eyes. Waking up, Franz comments that the experience passed like a dream – a nightmare. “But how about the culprit?” he asks.

The quote above is Monte Cristo's answer. Well, the first part of it is nothing but fact. Death is like slumber. Perhaps Dumas borrowed the expression from Shakespeare, a bit. But the second part of the comment Is interesting.

Normal person would say, “Of course the living is more fortunate. No one wants to die.” But we're talking about Monte Cristo, a person who has seen and tasted so many bitterness in the world. This person has wished for death several times in his life, including when he was imprisoned in Chateau d'If. No doubt there are times when he feels that death is a relief from all the sufferings he has to face.

That's my quote for the weekend. What about yours?


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