Friday, 28 December 2012

Weekend Quote #25

The day will come, citizens, when all will be concord, harmony, light, joy and life; it will come, and it is in order that it may come that we are about to die.

Enjolras. He's the one who says the sentence. It was in the barricade. He had just killed somebody, and he admitted that killing people is an ugly business. But then he closed his words with this sentence, sparking hope to his friends that were going to die.

I cannot help thinking about the musical when I read this sentence for the second time. (I am fond of re-reading the parts I like from the book I've just read.) Enjolras is a man of great ideas, great hope, and great spirit. He's like a blazing light from a lightning, followed by the loud voice of thunder.

But I love the sound of hope in that sentence. For Les Amis, their death means something. For them, what they did in the barricade was sacrifice for the future. They dreamed of a world that would rise from the ashes of their bodies. It's actually very sad that the world they dreamed about never came.

That's my quote for this week. Kind of sappy quote, right? Hope I will have some better, lighter quote next week. Want to share yours?

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