Tuesday, 1 January 2013

LRP January Meme: Stage/Film Adaptation

All the world's a stage. - As You Like It, William Shakespeare

Freebie month, eh? For you guys who have had a tough time with Shakespeare, here's a grand relief. For those who have been in love with Shakespeare, you are free, I guess, to read more and more of him. Everyone's happy.

This month's theme is also quite as free. Plays are meant to be performed. There are hundreds of films out there which are based on plays. There are equally more stage performance of the plays, well-known or not. All we need to do is:

  • Feature an adaptation you love the most
  • Compare several adaptations that you have watched
  • Make a review of the adaptation, commenting on the interpretation of the play
  • Or anything else related to the play's stage/film adaptation

As usual, you may do one or several, and you are free to make more than one post in a month. Moreover, you may make this for each play that you read on January.

So, have fun and enjoy your reading (and watching)!

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