Friday, 18 January 2013

Weekend Quote #28

'Tis not right to adjudge bad man at random good, or good man bad

This quote has rested in my phone for months, I have almost forgotten whence it comes from. I thought it was Shakespeare, but when I checked it, no, it's Sophocles.

Creon said the line above after he was being falsely accused by the angry Oedipus. Creon brought a message from Delphi, yet the message was not something Oedipus like. Oedipus called Creon a liar and false friend. He even wanted Creon dead.

It reminds us all to be careful when judging people. We should not “randomly” judge people based on prejudice or simply first impression, because it's not fair. This kind of judgement usually ends up in wrong decision, just like Oedipus.

That's all from me. Want to share your favourite quote of the week?

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