Saturday, 1 December 2012

LRP December Meme: Costume

“Not out of your apparel, and yet out of your suit. “ - Rosalind, As You Like It

Did you like last month's reading? Was it depressing to read so many people die? Let's relieve ourselves then. This month, we will laugh!

This month's reading theme is Shakespeare's Comedy. When we talk about plays, we will talk no doubt about stage productions, and of course, about the costumes. Costumes are important in Shakespeare's plays stage adaptations. Some try to make Shakespeare stays Shakespeare, and put vintage clothes on their casts. The others want to make Shakespeare looks modern, and change the costumes into modern ones.

This month, you may pick a play or a character, and feature the costumes you like/dislike. Here are some ideas:
  • Pick a character, and talk about his/her costumes in your favourite stage/film adaptation.
  • Pick a character, and compare costumes
  • Pick a play, and compare productions costumes
  • Pick a play, and say what you like/dislike about the costumes
  • Pick a character or a play, and say what costume you think would fit most.

Things above are just ideas. You can of course improvise. Just have fun with costumes. You can even feature yourself in somebody else's costume (Rosalind or Portia, maybe?).

The linky will open the whole month. I'm looking forward to your entries. 

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