Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Character Thursday: Albert de Morcerf

Alright. I'd like to have someone from Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. It's one of my favourites, and I always re-read it when I have the time.

But, I will not take the Count as this week's subject. First, because I believe that many will focus their attention to the Count when they read it, and some of my friends haven't read the book yet, so I hope that in future months I will read their opinions on the Count. Second, I'm afraid that, being too excited in describing every aspect of the Count's mysterious being, I would bore the readers with unending lines of words.

Rupert Friend, I think, would make a good
Albert de Morcerf. 

“You cannot imagine, mother, how beautiful I think you! You are, indeed, the most beautiful and most noble woman I ever saw!”

So now, I will content myself with a less mysterious and bizarre character, but who also has good personality in him: Albert de Morcerf, whose father is Monte Cristo's loathed enemy, but who is a good friend (at least I want to believe that it remains so) of the Count. Albert de Morcerf is introduced in the novel as an honourable, noble young man who pays a tourist visit to Italy. There after an 'accident' with Italian banditti, he proves to be a courageous young man, though impulsive in nature, something that must be forgiven, if one remembers that he's still young and inexperienced.

His bravery is evident in his dealing with the Italian banditti, when he was captured and taken prisoner in Catacombs of Saint Sebastian. Even after being threatened by the captain of bandits, Luigi Vampa, that he would be dead the next morning, Albert fell asleep, soundly, peacefully that night. Even the count and the captain were impressed.

His impulsive nature is shown in whole length of the novel. For example, when hearing about his father being put to suspicion he challenged his friend immediately to a duel. Lucky for him, though, his friend had more wisdom in the matter that their friendship remained unbroken. Not long after te same thing happened, this time towards Monte Cristo himself. Thankfully his quickness in anger is accompanied by his good nature of humility. He asked Monte Cristo for forgiveness and even asked him to remain, if not a friend, an acquaintance of his.

But were I to describe Albert in his most dominant characteristic, I would say "a devoted son". This applies only on the account of his mother, and not really on his father. I believe that he would even readily die for his mother. The fact is so evident that every line containing the word 'mother' in Albert's dialogue always contains the sense of filial duty and admiration.

This love is so great that he wouldn't do anything, anything at all that would hurt his mother's feelings. It doesn't mean that he is spoiled, or too dependant, because certainly he is not. You can read it in the book. But he could see that his mother had experienced much suffering, and pitied her for it. Her paleness, her agitation, for him all that made her more beautiful in his eyes.

That is all that I would say about him, because the more I write, the more I seem to leak out the story of The Count of Monte Cristo, which I believe, wouldn't be pleasant for those who haven't read it. But believe me, interesting as he is, Albert de Morcerf doesn't have the slightest chance to defeat the Count in tickling your curiousity.


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  1.'re right, the more you write about a character in The Count of Monte Cristo, the more you will reveal the connection with other characters, and thus the story...

    1. That's right. And I must write the review for Classics Club Project anyway. Still don't know what to write. Haha.