Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Character Thursday: Peter Blood

So, following a meme hosted by Fanda, I'd like to choose a character from a novel and fangirl about the character. I have to be careful, since I don't want to choose a character that would make me write a whole book about him, but also not a character so minor I don't know what so say about him.

Okay, After a little bit of consideration, I choose a character I was in love with 3 years ago. Not that I don't love him now, but back then I was obsessed. He is Captain Blood, from Rafael Sabatini's book with the same title.

Peter Blood was an English doctor who was exiled to work in a plantation due to a misundertanding. It wasn't fair at all, but he could say nothing in his defence (he tried, and failed). Anyway, while some of his friends suffered the hard work in the plantation, he could live a better, more decent life because of his skill as a doctor. But then, something unexpected happened, and he ended up being a pirate.

What I love about him..

Peter Blood had a long list of abilities which he used to become the most outstanding pirate in Carribean. He was good in swordsmanship and he's a great doctor. As a leader, he's skillful in making decision for all aboard his ship. The life of pirates were hard back then, but his crew respected and honoured him.

There was no doubt whatsoever about his valour. He courageously challenged a tracherous Captain Levasseur for a duel and was victorious. He enganged another ship in battle although it was evident he couldn't win without a great loss. Then, he had a decent sense of humour. I like his sense of humour. The way he treated Colonel Bishop or Levasseur was so full of comic sarcasm.

His conducts were also honourable and gentle towards ladies. Once he rescued a girl so honourably from the hand of a lusty pirate, and he was also very kind to the girl he loved, Arabella Bishop. This is what he said to a silly girl who were in love with the treacherous Captain Levasseur after she had been recued.
"Mademoiselle, I beg you to dismiss your fears. Aboard this ship you shall be treated with all honour. So soon as we are in case to put to sea again, we steer a course for Tortuga to take you home to your father. And pray do not consider that I have bought you, as your brother has just said. All that I have done has been to provide the ransom necessary to bribe a gang of scoundrels to depart from obedience to the arch-scoundrel who commanded them, and so deliver you from all peril. Count it, if you please, a friendly loan to be repaid entirely at your convenience."
And last is his patriotism. He hated the king for he was a bad king and he was the cause of his exile. However, he reamained loyal to England even after he became a pirate, by attacking neither British vessel or any of its allies. His last battle on the sea was also for the sake of his country.

So for my Character Thursday this week, I encourage all who haven't read Sabatini's Captain Blood to consider putting it in your to-read list. You might fall in love with Peter too, for he is doubtless one of the best pirates ever in the history of Pirate Books.

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  1. Seems to be a good pirate story. Have you read Treasure Island? Which one you prefer?

    Thanks for joining the Character Thursday! And btw, I have deleted your error link, please add your link in the actual post, it's opened now.

  2. Yes, Captain Blood is a good pirate story. I haven't read Treasure Island (it's in my to-read list) but I think the main character is not a captain, is he? I only watch the Disney adaptation "Treasure Planet" which is awesome. But I will read the novel ASAP.

    I've added the link in your most recent Character Thursday post. Thanks.

  3. Oh wow, I totally read this book when I was little and fangirled over Captain Blood for about two weeks (<- short attention span, lots of shiny heroes to admire). I have an awful memory for names and such, so I had completely forgotten both the title and the author of this book (only vaguely remembered Arabella). Thanks for reminding me. It put a smile on my face.