Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The First Post

I think it is most proper for me to introduce myself in my very first post on this blog. I'm an amateur, raptorous reader who loves classics, mostly classic literatures.

I have to admit that English is not my first language, but I love to practice my English, especially in writing, and am passionate in using it. So please forgive an error or two (or more) in my English grammar or structure. A building advice is always welcome.

As I cannot possibly major in language or literature due to my current activities (in different major), I have to find a different media to pour out my passion for literatures, and blog seems nice. Besides, I think it'll be more effective to write what I think about a certain novel or a certain character here than to babble about it to my classmates who know nothing about it.

I'm not sure it will look good academically, but at least I will try to do my best. As I said before, any advice regarding the matter will be nice.

So here it is, enjoy.


  1. Welcome to the bloggosphere! It's nice to find someone with the same passion as mine: reading classics! Although most of my posts are in Bahasa Indonesia, from time to time I will write also in English. Btw, do you read only english books of classics or both english and translated? Just curious...

    Anyway, please feel free to visit my blog: http://klasikfanda.blogspot.com, we can share a lot of classics. Oh, and I put your blog to my blogroll.

  2. Thanks, Fanda. I read mostly classic and mostly in English. I always want to read books in the language they are written in, but for now I know only English, so mostly I read English. But books I read as a child are mostly in Bahasa.

    I've visited your blog, which is wonderful, and added it to my blogroll too.

  3. Welcome to Bloglandia :)

  4. Welcome to the book blogosphere! :) Again, I am awed and inspired by people both reading and blogging in a foreign language. Good on you :)