Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Character Thursday: Thomas Lieven

This person is not from any classic literature. He's a character in a book I found on a sale, with a title that aroused my curiosity. I'd never heard about him or this novel before I bought it. I thought it must be something unpopular, although the cover said that it's a bestseller. So I read it anyway, and the main character proved to be someone very, very interesting.

Thomas Lieven in J M Simmel's book The Monte Cristo Cover Up was a normal banker, living in London, having a club, loving beautiful women, good food and nice life. Then after unpredicted turn of events, was forced to become the most dangerous secret agent and later, most wanted fugitive in all Europe. His crime: betraying every nation he worked for.

Along his work, Lieven had considerable number of passports and false identity. Once he was a German, another time, a French, then American, then Englishman. You cannot predict who he would be next.What's interesting, though, he had never intended to cause anyone harm. In fact, he took all the trouble to save people's life – in a way that might not be acceptable at that time.

“How easy it is to betray and kill people. And how laborious and troublesome it is to rescue and protect them from torment, persecution, and death..”

The book was set in WWII's era, when Europe was in war. The spirit of patriotism filled the air, everywhere in Europe. Thomas Lieven, had no trace of patriotism even just a little bit. On the other hand, he believed in a different way of thinking. He believed that human beings must view them self as human beings, not just as a part of a nation. As he stated in the epilogue of the book:

“All my life I have distrusted grand phrases and grand heroes. Nor did I ever care for national anthems, uniforms and so-called strong man... We are all endowed by nature with the ability to think. If only we could believe less and think more for just a little while! The consequences would be marvelous. There would never be any wars then.”

This is my character for this Tuesday – the brilliant, daring, and adventurous Mr. Thomas Lieven.


Character Thursday
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  1. Reminds me of Jason Bourne, who also possesses numbers of passport..

    1. Hmmm, this one has no less thrilling adventure, but he's perfectly aware of who he is, and quite annoying for any patriotic agent. But he's brilliant.