Thursday, 7 March 2013

Character Thursday: Amory Blaine

It has been a long time since my last Character Thursday, hasn't it? I choose Amory as my victim of character examination today. Why Amory? Well, I have quite scrutinized Richard III the other day, and I don't find anyone else as interesting as Amory for the thing.

Amory is the main character of Fitzgerald's novel, This Side of Paradise (which I have just finished several days ago). Because the novel talks mainly about the development of Amory's thoughts and character, it gives us the experience of looking into somebody's mind.

Amory is a charming, good-looking fellow, raised in a not-so-harmonious family. His mother, however, loves him dearly and they had the most charming mother-son relationship, even as Amory grew older. Also another adult with close relationship with Amory is Monsignor Darcy. He again and again convinced Amory that he was doing fine and that he was capable of good things.

Amory claims himself to be a romantic. He says that being romantic means having 'desperate confidence that things won't last.' At the end of the novel, he also claims to be an egotist and a socialist. But for me, personally, all his philosophy seems to be immature and insecure. He's not really sure about is anyway.

Amory's social life is also interesting. He has good friends, those who share his thoughts, or share his room. These friends of him influenced him sometimes in grand capacity, but sometimes only in minor matter. I especially love Tom and Burne. Tom displays intelligence and shares Amory's love for literature while Burne shows determination and strongly believes in his ideology, no matter how weird or different it is from others.

Now to his romantic life. Amory is good with women (sort of) but not good with relationship. There are girls such as Isabelle and Rosalind, but none of them sees Amory as a proper husband. Good for a boyfriend, but not for family life. Amory's life was practically over when Rosalind dumped him. He's still a young man after all.

Perhaps the things I love most about Amory are these: (1) he's an omnivorous reader, (2) he reads, recites and writes poems, and good ones too, (3) immature as they may, he builds his convictions and beliefs upon what he has read/know.

That's all I want to share with you guys. Have a nice week.

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  1. His name is Amory but he's incapable of a romantic relationship? :P

    So, is it a kind of coming-of-age novel, bildungsroman? I have been wanting to read another Fitzy, year perhaps, between This Side of Paradise or Tender is The Night. Difficult to choose, both have a beautiful title....