Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Hollow Needle: Much Reason to be Mad over It

I don't always hate an author. I seldom hate any author. Really. Not even Shakespeare, who made such  sad tragedies where youngsters and lovers die. No, not even Oscar Wilde who wrote Nightingale and the Rose and the Devoted Friend, enough nightmare for the children who read them. Not even Conan Doyle who murdered the most brilliant detective in human history just because he's tired of him. But I really am mad about Leblanc.

The Hollow Needle tells one of Lupin's adventures, starting from the theft of Rubens, to a bigger matter, even to the headquarters of Lupin himself. Lupin didn't even guess that he would find a match in a young curious schoolboy. But even though Isidore, the young adversary, might thought that he could beat Lupin and claim the victory, he must bear in mind that people don't mess with Arsene Lupin – the gentlemen thief.

This is the second Arsene Lupin book I read. I must admit that is is far, far better than the one I read last – Eight Strokes of the Clock – which is ultimately boring and uninteresting. This one is more vigorous and adventurous. And I love how Leblanc keep us in safe distant from Arsene Lupin. If Sherlock puzzles us with his silence, Lupin puzzles us because we simply don't know where he is or what's he doing.

Now to the things I hate.

First, Holmlock Shears from London. Guess who he is. I just cannot stand how Leblanc puts such a conspicuous clone of Sherlock Holmes and alters everything about him. He doesn't even resemble Sherlock, apart from his name. He just feels like a dumb detective, proving to the world than Lupin is the greatest criminal in the world.

Second, no. It would be a spoiler. But I just hate the ending. It feels almost like Dorian Grey. But what makes it even more obnoxious is the fact than Holmlock Shears plays a grand part in it. There. That's enough saying.

I know I start to sound like a whining fangirl right now, but I'm terribly annoyed by Leblanc this time. Good news, I start to like Arsene. I really do. He is charming, and smart, with a little bit of annoying attitude every now and then. Also, I love his taste of women and art. Nevertheless, I say it again, me and Leblanc are definitely on war against each other. 


  1. Holmlock Shears? Oh, dear. That just seems to awful for words. Which editor thought that was a good idea?!

    1. That's so. I really don't like the name. And I don't think it's fair.