Friday, 2 November 2012

LRP November Meme: Character

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them.” - Twelft Night, William Shakespeare.

Hi, people! This month is the first month of our year of reading plays. Some of us (probably most) have been very excited about it. I too, am very excited about reading plays, especially Shakespeare's. He's one of my favourite poet and playwright, and none can deny that he has grand influence over English language and literature.

This month's theme is Shakespeare's Tragedy. Have you enjoyed reading Othello or Hamlet or Julius Caesar or Romeo and Juliet? If so, you must have noticed how interesting Shakespeare's characters are. That's exactly our meme theme this month.

I'd like to list some questions that might help us all to describe the character of our choices. You may or may not use these questions in your post. They are just guidelines. Feel free to add or remove anything you see fit or not fit.
  • Who is this character?
  • Why is he/she significant?
  • How is his/her personality?
  • What is so interesting about this character?
By the way, Fanda also has her weekly meme called Character Thursday. You may participate as well, combining the post for this meme and Fanda's Character Thursday. I'll be waiting for your characters. Enjoy the play.

(Please use this format when you submit: Play - Character (Blog name), e.g. Julius Caesar - Portia (Half-Filled Attic). Thanks.)


  1. I was trying to write it for this Thursday, I have even chosen the character, but... exams are here. So until next Thursday, I hope =)

    1. Yes, please. I will wait here patiently. :D

  2. I put my link in Mister Linky. :)

  3. We have two Julius Caesar and two Macbeth characters here now. I'm restoring the balance =)

    1. I've just added another Julius Caesar.... *wink*

    2. Macbethians! Wake up! Write something =)