Friday, 9 November 2012

Weekend Quote #18

CASSIUS. You love me not.
BRUTUS. I do not like your faults.
CASSIUS. A friendly eye could never see such faults.
BRUTUS. A flatterer's would not, though they do appear
As huge as high Olympus.

Following the LRP, I take a quote from Shakespeare's Caesar that attracts my attention. It's from the 4th Act and 3rd scene of Julius Caesar. In that scene, there arises a dispute between Brutus and Cassius, and a very fierce one.

Brutus accuses Cassius of dishonesty and corruption, while Cassius denies everything. He says that in a time like that, “it is not meet that every nice offense should bear his comment” - you cannot be too strict on little things like that. Brutus is too idealistic and less practical; he cannot accept such excuses.

Cassius then says that a friend should not be so angry upon such a small matter, and that Brutus should have overlooked it. I like how Brutus answers. Friends should see faults, flatterers do not.

I agree with that. It is a friend's duty to look at faults and warn someone of its consequence. It's better to hear a critic from a friend than a praise from an enemy – you now which one you should believe. A friend that is so passive and just stay still while seeing his friend making wrong decision is not a true friend.

That's all from me, and I'm waiting for your participation. What's the best quote you've got this week?

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  1. Agree to that! Though it's not always easy, since having a word to a friend is tricky. But yes, it is always nice to have friends who watch over and remind us when we're about to make mistake.

    And I join in, btw! My first WQ :D

    1. YAY!!! I love quotes. Please join every time you want to. A quote is most readily welcomed.

      Ah yes, it's an irony that most of the deep quotes in JC is spoken by either Brutus or Cassius - the conspirators. But I bear no grudge against Brutus. He's such a nice man, but naive.