Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Let's Read Play: Play List

I forgot to make a master post for all my participation in Let's Read Play Event held by Fanda. As you know, I haven't decided what play I am going to read for each month, so I will just leave them blank. They will be filled when I finish the play and the review as well. So, here we go.

Nov '12 Shakespeare's Tragedy

Dec '12 Shakespeare's Comedy

Jan '13. Freebie

Feb '13 Shakespeare's History

Mar '13 Greek

Apr '13 Shakespeare's Comedy

May '13 Shakespeare's Tragedy

Jun '13 Oscar Wilde

Jul '13 Other Author
(to be decided later)

Aug '13 Shakespeare's Comedy

Sep '13 Freebie
(to be decided later)

Oct '13 Shakespeare's Tragedy
(to be decided later)

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