Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Classics' Clubs Spin Lucky Draw #1

14 means....This Side of Paradise by Fitzgerald. This is my first time reading Fitzgerald and I'm so nervous. Reading someone's book for the first time feels like meeting someone new and start to talk privately with him. Sounds quite scary, especially when he talks about strange things from another era, where I have never lived and rarely read about.

Some people suggest that it's a good change, though, after a bunch of Shakespeare and Spencer, also Hugo and Dumas last year, which I greatly enjoyed. This year, just after finishing LeBlanc's Eight Strokes of the Clock, I apparently will read another quite out-of-my-circle book. Can't wait to see what it has for me.


  1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! I have not yet read anything by Fitzgerald, but he's on my reading list. This one sounds particularly interesting!

  2. I enjoyed his writings in The Great Gatsby. Hope you would enjoy too!