Friday, 1 February 2013

Weekend Quote #30

For he, that once hath missed the right way,
The further he doth goe, the further he doth stray.

Again, from Spencer's Faerie Queene, an interesting quote. It was spoken by Despair to Redcrosse to persuade him to kill himself. Well, it worked.

I can't help imagine somebody who tries to walk a straight path but then he strayed a little, making a small angle between the straight line and his actual path. Then the words above apply so well. The more he walks the further he strays from the path he is supposed to take.

Despair uses that illustration to point out that the more we live, the more we make mistakes. Some of those mistakes can be deadly or terrible. So, why take the trouble of living?

But Despair forgets one thing. Although we make mistakes, we can always readjust out way to again use the straight path we want to tread. In fact, we need to try to do our best in life. We fail at times, but it doesn't mean we can't do anything to mend our way.

That's from me. Want to share yours?


  1. Very true Listra. After all mistakes are the experiences in life from which we learn. Successful people make mistakes but they don't quit.

  2. So sorry to be late - here is my quote from a wonderful novel I read this weekend. Have a lovely new week.

    1. Thanks for participating. You are not late at all. Enjoy your week.