Thursday, 7 February 2013

LRP February Meme: Fiction vs. Reality

“'Tis better to be vile than vile esteemed,
When not to be, receives reproach of being,
And the just pleasure lost, which is so deemed,
Not by our feeling, but by others' seeing.”
- Sonnet 121, William Shakespeare

Alright, time for February meme of the #LRP event. Sorry, I'm a bit late. The fact is I've been quite busy for a time, with my duties and “do”-ties. So, where are we?

This month's theme for the reading is Shakespeare's History, right? Not my favourites, because, I just don't really understand the Richards and Henries. Does Julius Caesar count? I'm afraid not. But there's an amazing thing involved in Shakespearian history plays: Fiction.

Admit it. Shakespeare was no historian. He would not be interested in recording the history and having it played over and over and over again on stage. So, there must be some differences between the real history and Shakespeare's historical fiction.

So here's the big question of the month: “What is the most crucial difference between the fiction and the reality in Shakespeare that you read this month?”

It could be anything. People's personality, series of events, locations, political ideas, anything that you think just different. Perhaps you think Shakespeare judged Richard III too harshly, or gave baby Elizabeth too much praise. Feel free to write of those.

Fine reading and happy month for you all. Don't forget to add your link before the end of the month.  


  1. Excellent idea! All this ado about Richard III has made me want to read the play and, as you say, consider the history.

  2. In the light of Richard III's discovery, this month's meme is very apt.